Building strong, enduring communities

Our commitment is to not only build and maintain beautiful, high-quality housing, but to also be there to continue adding value that helps our communities and residents thrive long term. We are engaged with every aspect of the process, carrying developments from the conceptual phase to the closing table. As a dedicated development partner, we collaborate with leaders and local officials to understand the needs, challenges and opportunities for making the best use of the property. And we value the long-term partnerships and relationships that allow us to develop high-quality properties that deliver lasting value. We want to provide places that people and communities take pride in, and aim to continuously raise the bar with everything we design and build.

Summary of expertise

  • Site Selection
  • Initial Feasibility Analysis
  • Market & Environmental Due Diligence
  • Obtain Proper Zoning
  • Apply for & Obtain Funding
  • Assemble Design Team
  • Acquire Permits
  • Construction Oversight

Our Construction & Design Services

Construction Management

Our Construction Management (CM) team helps carry out the vision for the developments through leading the front-end due diligence, which includes third party reports (Environmental Phase I/II, Geotechnical), initial design work, and conceptual budgets. The CM team is responsible for development timeline management, and also manages all of the third-party consultants such as architects, surveyors, civil engineers, environmental, landscape, energy modelers etc. From finance/land closing to substantial completion, the team ensures the owner’s best interests are considered in all decisions being made, and that their investments are being constructed as planned. We also work to ensure the communities are built in compliance with the selections made for competitive and mandatory requirements.


BDCL Architects, PC was created in order to provide the highest level of architecture support and service for the leading developers and managers of affordable housing in the country. Working closely with Pivotal’s development and management teams, BDCL brings decades of knowledge and expertise in designing high-quality housing that improves lives and transforms communities.

Our Development Team

Midwest Region

In the Midwest Region our mission is to develop apartment communities that serve families and seniors.  We use  9% and 4% tax credits to provide affordable, sustainable workforce housing in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Pete Schwiegeraht

Senior Vice President of Development

Upper Midwest Region

The Upper Midwest Regional team enhances the lives of current and future residents by building high quality affordable housing in diverse communities throughout Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Wyllys Mann

Senior Vice President of Development
Granvel Tate

Southeast Region

In the Southeast Region our mission is to develop apartment communities that serve families and seniors.  We use  9% and 4% tax credits to provide affordable, sustainable workforce housing in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Granvel Tate

Senior Vice President of Development

Northeast Region

The Northeast Region focuses on building the highest quality affordable housing communities for families and seniors in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York.  

Trey Barbour

Senior Vice President of Development

Southwest Region

The Southwest Region is focused on providing quality workforce accessible housing that service our hard-working families who are overburdened by housing costs. Additionally, the Southwest Region focuses on developing affordable senior housing and offering activities and community gatherings to keep our seniors engaged and active. The Southwest Region focuses its activities on Texas, with Arizona and Colorado on the horizon.

Darren Smith

Head of Development


Pivotal is fully committed to the properties we develop, the communities we serve and the residents who rely on us for a great place to live. Our management team works to provide on-site support for our residents, ensure that our properties are well maintained, and deliver the highest level of customer service.

Regions Bank has enjoyed a good relationship with MVAH Partners. We value the experience of the team and fully support their recent move to create an independent company solely dedicated to affordable housing

Elevating People and the Places They Call Home

Our passion is to create positive change for our people, our residents and the communities we proudly serve. We are a team that’s dedicated to developing high-quality, well-designed properties that aim to bring lasting value, pride, and stability to your community and everyone in it.