Katy Wendel

Regional Vice President of Property Management

Katy Wendel is a Senior Regional Manager who currently is responsible for the Northeast Region as well as properties in MO and KS. She has over 30 years’ experience in residential property management with the last 22 years focused primarily with the affordable housing division.

How did she get into property management?

Much like many others, I sort of fell into the business. After college, I worked as an outside sales representative for an office equipment and supply company. I spent my time cold calling and establishing new customers for orders. I wanted to pick up something else on the weekends and applied for a part time leasing position in Fairfield. I immediately LOVED IT. It was so fun and rewarding to show apartment homes and get people’s story and help them find a place to live that would meet their needs. After a taste of it, I quit the office equipment company and got a full-time job in property management and stuck with it all these years and I really can’t see me doing anything else.